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The environment
La Balade du Père Nicolas

Learn while having fun !

  • NEW FOR 2020 : Discover our interactive exhibit on extinct animal species!
  • From an observation post, watch, discover and learn to recognize the birds in the park with the help of a telescope.
  • Discover a number of animals (geese, swans, ducks, goats, donkeys, ponies...)

We have also constructed four chalets with environmental exhibits on the following themes:

  • Water
  • Renewable energy
  • The planet in danger
  • Insects and biodiversity

As well as :

  • An educational hive installed in the insect and biodiversity chalet
  • Exhibitions on: trees, ponds, butterflies, garden birds …
  • NEW FOR 2020 : A Mediterranean garden
  • An organic vegetable garden

In this part of the Morbihan, here at Rohic in Pluméliau, like elsewhere in Brittany, the environment and ecosystems are very rich in wild as well as domestic species. Through a number of fun activities, come and see how they live while enjoying yourself !

The activties
La Balade du Père Nicolas

A desire for games, relaxation for the whole family or with friends?

The brook chirps happily in a large park of 12 ha, the little train makes you discover the whole area, benches here and there invite you to moments of strolling, various games are there for your children, a large picnic area for the whole family offers its wooded setting for a meal in the wilderness, a refreshment bar offers you to enjoy pancakes and organic ice cream.

" Welcome to the Balade du Père Nicolas, a leisure park on a human scale located 15 minutes south of Pontivy "